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05/10/04 from: the Great Burro
We need to have the good stuff on this site! Where are the tracks from the album we recorded in NY. Just because we are all spread across thhe world doesn't mean we aren't a band! You guys were the best band I've ever played with, so lets give the fans what they want...what they deserve...okay and maybe some naked pics of Eric too...THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!

02/07/04 from: nicole
Hey, sorry to post a non-FFF message, but canīt seem to access the TDC website, so I thought this would be the next best thing.... Anyone know where Arun Mehta is lately? Shoot me an email if you do... Thanks. Hope the TDC spirit (and the FFF) is alive and well out there in Boston!

01/09/04 from: man wit de golden [trom] BONE

12/01/03 from: maurizio
four mp3s in your 'music' section are not working: rufus2003-04-04 fink fank funk 02-10-14 Kirkland house full fff2003-03-15 Gig - Dudley House 111602 - 3 can you please fix them all? many thanks

11/24/03 from: googoo gaga
I don't have naked pics of eric, but I seem to recall walking passed one of the naked funkmen at burning man one year. yumm!

10/20/03 from: De Meet Beetah
Do you have any naked photos of that boy Eric? I love to pleasure myself at night while listening to trombone solos by young up and cummings. I have been to your shows, it is incredible how hot that Man makes me. When he comes out in his cool threads, the tent in my pants turns into a condominiummmmmmmmmmm

10/14/03 from: mp3 whore
Yo dudes, I just found that rough mix on some ultra-skizzy, old-skool style bulletin board system. I don't know if I have all the files, tho'. Who votes I upload them to your site?

10/07/03 from: Kung Funk
Does anyone actually read these? I too am a big fan of FFF and would love to hear the new recording that everybody's talking about. Is it true? Is there a new recording? Where can I buy it?

10/03/03 from: John Paul
When can I get the new album. I live in Ohio and heard an underground un-mixed version of the new ep. Will it be mixed soon? can I get a copy through this website? What's up?

09/21/03 from: jazzbone
I have to say, I heard one of the new finkfankfunk rough mixes , you know, from the new york sessions. My contact was an underground source out in Cali. your music is the bomb, G. This album is gonna be the shiznit! word!

08/08/03 from: gemini
I gotta wear a jock strap y'all cuz my dick keeps bustin out my goddamn drawers

08/08/03 from: "the Burro"
By this time next month, "the Burro" will fly at midnight...this could be the most exciting of all FFF journeys. But note that the Burro doesn't "embark" on a journey, because burro's just don't bark. Hee haw the funk is comming!

08/08/03 from: "the Burro"
By this time next month, "the Burro" will fly at midnight...this could be the most exciting of all FFF journeys. But note that the Burro doesn't "embark" on a journey, because burro's just don't bark. Hee haw the funk is comming!

08/07/03 from: Inquirer
Wow! phatness! did anyone realize that you can draw on Fliptop's face to the left of this discussion box?

07/29/03 from: Big Booby
Yous guys were da breast...I mean the best buncha fellas dat ever played around dis town. My twin sister and I loved bouncing a-round to your groove

07/25/03 from: jimmy ray
If the band splits, so does the world. My good friend , Bill Shakespear, once said. "all the world's a stage." Just take a minute to stink about tit. A few thousand miles cannot separate the connection they have in their hearts...

06/26/03 from: Wicked Pissa Dude
Rumor around the streets of Beantown are the band is splitting! This guy I know heard from another dude that one horns has left the band in search of mother in Uganda! Is this true?

06/09/03 from: Melissa - island girl
hey this is melissa from Barbados .... just droppin a line .... heard your commin back to the island ... see you here Melissa

06/02/03 from: Not Alex
God, there's so much idolization of Eric on this message board. Doesn't anyone realize that Alex is the hunk of the band? I mean, c'mon. It's so obvious.

04/30/03 from: BLACK JAMES

04/19/03 from: Alex
Blufunk - send me an email, I'll let you know.

04/19/03 from: blufunk
where can I get your records/albums??? -BIG FAN-

04/10/03 from: jealous
Yeah, Eric's been the only rufus-ite with any sorta feminine intrigue over the past couple months...always going out with a new woman, it seems... clearly the word is out

04/10/03 from: mah shuggah ray
love that eric he's the one with the big ass 'bone

04/09/03 from: Roy Platinum
Goldie - Yuz betta watch yo self. Dees fellas might be put a cap in youz ass. I ain't gonna say they nots going to do nothin but anyone wits dis much funk couldz go crazy on a brotha.

04/09/03 from: James Schipperke
Eric is the type of trombone player that I'd love to gnaw at all night long.

04/09/03 from: GOLD BONE Sr.
Who iz dis eric dat i'b been hearin so muchabout? i hope he's mo dan jus a usual white boy playin a 'bone, tryin to be a well hung broder. if himz the reeldeel he could be uzed in lotz o reel bigbandz /

04/09/03 from: thinking about it
Well, those pics are on the band's other site.... and it's experiencing technical difficulties at the moment...

04/09/03 from: other
i want more nudie photos of hot hot funk bods. let me scribble on the band's bare asses.

04/09/03 from: OOOeeeee
Hey Folks, try painting on Eric's face to the left. IE users will have a blast, NS users may suffer a little, but if they tell us what's going wrong maybe we can fix it. Have fun!

04/09/03 from: jive turkey
this website needs more fractals.

04/08/03 from: TaskMaster
Yo, Flash, when's the scribble functionality gonna be ready?

04/04/03 from: Alex
Not sure when we'll be playing out next. As soon as the weather picks up a bit, we should be playing down in Harvard Sq.. But who knows when that will happen? I can't remember the last time I saw the sun.... Maybe we should all follow Spencer's lead and move out to CA... any takers?

04/04/03 from: Aunt Loretta
When's your next gig?

04/03/03 from: Alex
So THERE Flash!

04/03/03 from: Alex for Danny
Danny says this message board si very nice.

04/01/03 from: Phobes
yeah, I'm with brett on the scrollbars. (I want your stylesheet!)

04/01/03 from: Always remember protection
This message board now has protection from malicious users. (read: Flash (Niiiiiiiiiiiiice) and his meanness)

03/31/03 from: The Man, The Plan
Back off Niiiiiiice! You don't even have the guts to dis with your real pseudonym. To hell with all your pathetic Flash scribbles. Too bad your brain isn't even as functional as this site.

03/31/03 from: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
actually it sucks

03/31/03 from: Big Al
Yeah, pity NS can't be so suave with the scrolls.... although Eric hates them. Stick in the Mud

03/31/03 from: brett
these scrollbars rock my world. viva ie!!!!!

03/31/03 from: God-like Manchild
I am here to say

03/31/03 from: Alex
This is the one and only second message on this message board

03/30/03 from: Alex
This is the very first message on this message board